I'm Jeff Nevels,
a Product and
Web Designer. 

An enthusiastic and self-motivated designer with 2+ years experience. I strive to use the power of empathy to create equitable and innovative products for consumers. I value questions more than solutions and seek to improve society through discovery by being an evangelist for equitable design. I love learning, helping people, and want to make it my goal to impart whatever knowledge I gain to others.

My Story

I grew up in Chicago and had a variety of creative interests as a child. I loved to draw and as I got older I had so many career interests that I now realize all had one thing in common. Design. Growing up I wanted to build roller coasters, design shoes and clothes, become an architect, build video games, amongst other things. Even though I did not take the traditional educational route after high school, the valuable work experience I received helped me realize that I'm great at solving problems. 

Since college still wasn't an option for me, at 21,  I took a job as a full-time customer service rep for a freight brokerage company. Fast forward 4 years and I climbed the corporate ladder to where I would receive 3 promotions and got the opportunity to move to Long Beach, CA to help run operations. After being in that position for a year or so, I realized that I was the only one of my co-workers that did not have a college degree. I exited that position and decided to pursue a degree in design. I graduated with a B.A. in Design from California State University Long Beach in 2019 and then went on to complete a UX bootcamp through Brainstation on a full scholarship in 2021. Little did I know I have been practicing elements of UX design throughout my whole career. 


My Interests